by rozkoszny
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Thrilled to announce my debut cookbook ‘Fresh from Poland: New Vegetarian Cooking from the Old Country’ will be released on March 17st in the US & Canada (available worldwide, everywhere)! I really wanted to use this cookbook to highlight the most delightful part of Polish food—which is actually vegetarian. After working on this book for the last 2,5 years, I can’t believe all the stories and recipes are finally coming to life and to your kitchens. I learned so much through writing this cookbook—I discovered fully who I am and started dipping into my own roots. I can’t wait to tell you more about #FreshFromPolandBook and I’m so excited for you to finally see it!


“Korkosz’s photographic talent and his inventive ways with Polish cuisine make his first book (he’s just 22!) a real standout…Rounding out the 87 recipes are Korkosz’s very personal introductions to each chapter and each dish…and that top-notch photography, of course, evokes all thoughts of home and ties together his emphasis on family and food.”—Booklist, starred review

“A light and delicious take on a cuisine often underrepresented in cooking collections. Vegetarian or not, most cooks will find something to savor.” —Library Journal

“Home cooks, whether vegetarian or not, will appreciate this creative take on what is traditionally meat-heavy fare.”Publishers Weekly 

“As an award-winning photographer and food blogger, Korkosz has written a beautiful cookbook with gorgeous photographs that will inspire home cooks. This book tweaks old favorites, from an ancient land, to make them healthful, plant-based, and relevant for today’s home cook.”—New York Journal of Books

“Korkosz has created a gorgeous paean to the cooking of his home country. . . . Full of recipes that will engage everyone from beginning home cooks to experienced chefs. . . . A truly beautiful cookbook.”—Shelf Awareness

“Despite its (unjustified) reputation as meat-heavy, Polish cuisine is traditionally naturally rich with vegetarian dishes, and it makes me so happy that Michał Korkosz is bringing them to us in all their glory, with subtle modern touches and beautiful photography.”—Olia Hercules, author of Mamushka

“This book contains so many memories from my childhood, that just going through the list of dishes puts a smile on my face. Open sandwiches, pancakes with cheese, jagodzianki, and gzik take me back in time to my mom’s morning table and me, a small girl waiting for something delicious to be served. Ogórkowa and pomidorowa are must-tries, as these soups will make you feel the love of all the Polish mothers preparing these for their children coming back from school. I’m so excited for people outside of Poland to learn about oscypek and bryndza, and my favorite twaróg, which is so unique in flavor and consistency that it has no competition in its category. But mostly, I love Michał’s stories. He shares a piece of his talent and his life with us. After reading this book, I want to visit him, sit at his table, and share secrets over something delicious, preferably his Polish cheesecake.”—Marta Greber, creator of What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today

“This book is, like the author’s beloved creamy sauerkraut soup, a ‘one of a kind’ pleasure. An ideal and spirited guide to the sweet, sour, satisfying tastes of his native Poland, Michał Korkosz is funny, encouraging (‘Making pierogi is so relaxing’) and joyously indulgent (‘Tons of butter!’) An enjoyable, transporting and inspiring read and a modern view of soulful food that’s firmly rooted in tradition.”—Adam Sachs, former editor-in-chief of Saveur

“It’s rare to find a cook and writer who is equally talented at making stunning savory dishes and pulling off perfect baked goods. Through the fluffy pancakes, soulful soups, and delicate pierogis of his past and present, Michał Korkosz gives readers everywhere a beautiful and eye-opening introduction to the bounties of Polish cuisine, plus a few inspiring twists of his own. The colors alone—of golden morning buns and magenta beets—are enough to pull you in to his recipes.”—Stacy Adimando, James Beard Award-winning cookbook author

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