This is the fluffiest omelette the world has ever seen. Its interior is ethereally delicate, almost like a soufflé, like an edible cloud. Each bite melts in your mouth, leaving you desperate for the next one. It can be quite a large serving for a hungry single or two smaller portions for lovebirds.

Fluffiest Buttermilk Omelette with Macerated Strawberries
1 – 2 servings
2 large eggs, separated
⅓ cup (50 g) all-purpose flour
½ cup(120 ml) buttermilk
1 tablespoon honey
pinch of salt
1 tablespoon ghee

Macerated strawberries
200 g strawberries
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon rose water (alternatively lime/lemon juice)

1. Using an electric mixer on high speed, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt in a medium bowl until stiff peaks form, about 3–4 minutes. Whisk the all-purpose flour, egg yolks, buttermilk, and honey in another medium bowl to combine. Fold the egg whites gently into the buttermilk mixture and stir with a rubber spatula to incorporate.

2. Heat the ghee on a medium skillet (20 cm/8 inches). Scrape in the batter and use the back of a spoon to gently nudge it all the way to the edges. Cook covered until the bottom is golden brown, 4-5 minutes. It will still look quite wet and uncooked. Flip the omlette (be careful, but resolute!) and cook another 3-4 minutes, until the bottom is golden brown. Serve immediately with a dollop of yogurt, macerated strawberries, and a pinch of toasted sesame.

3. Make the macerated strawberries: Combine the honey and rose water in a medium bowl. Add the sliced strawberries; let macerate for 5-10 minutes, until the fruits soften.

If your omelette falls apart during flipping, don’t worry, tear it into large pieces and cook with an additional tablespoon of butter and raisins. Transfer to a plate, dust with powdered sugar. You have just made yourself a kaiserschmarrn.

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